Brushes simultaneously the inside and outside of the teeth

Most of the time the inside surfaces of the teeth are not properly brushed, which causes many dental problems.

Thanks to its unique technology, OObrush® cleans thoroughly the teeth and gums, including the often neglected inner surfaces.


The right brushing method : from gum to tooth

Dentists recommend always brushing your teeth from gum to tooth, to avoid driving impurities below the gum line.

With its two contra-rotating brushes, OObrush® systematically respects the right brushing technique from gum to tooth.

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Maximum efficiency in minimum time

Thanks to its exclusive design, OObrush® effectively removes plaque and provides a thorough massage to the gums in 60 seconds. It reduces the brushing time by half.

OObrush® provides a pleasant feeling of “smooth teeth” and freshness after every brushing.

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Flexible head adapts to all dental arches

OObrush® is equipped with a flexible head which automatically adapts to different dental arches and tooth shapes. The pressure exerted by the two brushes on the gums and teeth is self-regulated.

To use OObrush® effectively, place the two brushes on opposite sides of your teeth and move slowly along the dental arch with a slight back and forth movement.

OObrush® is the ideal solution for use with braces.

OObrush® is particularly suited to facilitate the brushing of disabled persons.