Considered by many professionals as the only correct brushing method

Dentists and dental associations worldwide overwhelmingly recommend the brushing technique called the Bass Method. This method consists of always brushing away from the gum line (i.e., from gum to tooth).

The Bass Method effectively removes plaque and provides a healthy massage to the gums. This promotes optimal blood circulation and avoids separating the gums away from the teeth and pushing food particles under the gum line (one of the main causes of gingivitis).

Although healthy and recommended by dentists, this method is often hard to follow with a manual toothbrush and virtually impossible with most electric toothbrushes. The OObrush® technology was developed to strictly comply with the Bass Method.

Why it is important to brush regularly following the Bass Method

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dental cavities are reaching epidemic proportions. They are caused by the accumulation of dental plaque and the presence of germs in the oral cavity, mainly resulting from normal food intake

Brushing after every meal is one of the fundamental principles of dental hygiene. The objective of brushing is to remove dental plaque in order to prevent the formation of cavities and the development of gum problems.

Over time, plaque turns into tartar which becomes sharp and attacks the gums and the epithelial attachment (the joint between the tooth and the gum). This attack on the epithelial attachment causes an infection of the gums (gingivitis), which, if not treated, can cause chronic gingivitis (the loss of gingival or bony matter).Thanks to its movement from gum to tooth, the Bass Method eliminates den

Brushes simultaneously the inside and outside of the teeth

Most of the time the inside surfaces of the teeth are not properly brushed, which causes many dental problems.

Thanks to its unique technology, OObrush® cleans thoroughly the teeth and gums, including the often neglected inner surfaces.


The right brushing method : from gum to tooth

Dentists recommend always brushing your teeth from gum to tooth, to avoid driving impurities below the gum line.

With its two contra-rotating brushes, OObrush® systematically respects the right brushing technique from gum to tooth.

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