The Dental RevolutionTMwas invented bya European dental surgeon. His objectives were to develop a power toothbrush that always followed the right brushing method from gum to tooth. He also wanted to develop a brush which would help his patients thoroughly brush all the different surfaces of the teeth efficiently and quickly.

The benefits are considerable; First the Dental RevolutionTMensures that your teeth and gums are always brushed according to the correct brushing method (from gum to tooth).

Second, since the Dental RevolutionTMbrushes both the inside and the outside of your teeth simultaneously, it brushes the teeth much more thoroughly (including difficult to reach tooth areas, which are often neglected) and mush more quickly than other power toothbrushes.

Finally, the Dental RevolutionTMProvides comfortable and efficient brushing, which leaves the user with a strong sense of cleanliness and freshness after brushing.

The Bass Method is the brushing technique overwhelmingly recommended by dentists and dental associations around the world. The method consists of brushing from gum to tooth. This ideal movement removes plaque, provides a healthy massage to the gums and avoids separating the gums from the teeth. Hence, it prevents food particles from being pushed between the gums and the teeth (one of the main causes of gingivitis).

The OObrush will run for 20 minutes on a single charge. This corresponds to approximately 1 week worth of brushing (assuming three brushings a day for one minute each).

It is very normal feel a tickling a sensation in your mouth with the Dental RevolutionTM. As your mouth becomes accustomed to the proper way of brushing; the tickling sensation will go away. This is only temporary.

Other brushing techniques often neglect the gums, making them sensitive and fragile, Minor bleeding or gum irritation are such indications and should disappear within a few days mouth becomes accustomed to the proper way of brushing. It is normal to experience this and it’s temporary.

It is very common to experience some splashing when using an electric toothbrush, As you continue to use the Dental RevolutionTM, you will very quickly learn to close your mouth and hold your head down while brushing to avoid splashing. Turn the unit off before removing it from your mouth to avoid any unnecessary splashing.

Yes, The OObrush can be used with braces, crowns and standard dental work such as fillings, etc.

The OObrush‘s unique design with its flexible head, self-regulates the pressure on the teeth and gums. The OObrush ensures a comfortable level of pressure is applied to the teeth and gums.